What can ParagonSMB do for your business?

Your accounting stays where you know it works best

Let Paragon do the heavy lifting 

Paragon pulls in all your QuickBooks Online reference data. You get a configured product, customer and vendor catalogs.

The accounting side of your operations all stay in QuickBooks - but you now have a full-featured system to manage your operational side.

What do you get with ParagonSMB?

Do you use QuickBooks Online but need another system to manage the backend of your operations? 

Try ParagonSMB for free

Manage your operational transactions in ParagonSMB with the same ease that QuickBooks Online manages your accounting transactions.

All transactions stemming from operational processes, such as invoices and credits, will be created in Paragon and automatically exported to QuickBooks Online.

ParagonSMB exports all your financial transactions to QuickBooks Online

For the import of transactions, the administrator chooses when they want to bring Paragon up to date with information, such as vendor invoices, vendor credits, vendor payments, and customer payments from QuickBooks Online.

And work the same magic for importing them, too 

ParagonSMB comes with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

ParagonSMB includes

2 users 

Free trial 

Ecommerce integrations available

Sync QuickBooks Online transactions

Manage inventory

Unlimited warehouses

Pick and pack workflows


Custom document generation

BI reports

Unlimited fields of information

Shipping & receiving tracking




I buy and sell with 

QuickBooks Online

2 users included

Sync transactions

Free trial included

Ecommerce integrations available

BI reports

Manage inventory

Unlimited warehouses


$35 per additional user

*In order to use ParagonSMB, you must already have a QuickBooks Online account.

Start 14-day free trial

What is ParagonSMB?

ParagonSMB is an operational backend system for small to medium businesses. It gets you up and running quickly by connecting directly to your QuickBooks Online accounting system.  

Centralize your data in one place so you can easily perform all your business operations with:

  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Inventory management
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Multi-location inventory
  • Pick/pack/ship logistics
  • Reporting

*In order to use ParagonSMB, you must already have a QuickBooks Online account.