The apparel industry is changing.

Don’t get left behind.

ParagonERP is a cloud solution designed for the unique needs of the apparel industry.

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How ParagonERP can help your apparel business

Centralize your operations, increase productivity, and gain visibility to make better decisions.

Simplify complex business processes

Manage your operations from a centralized hub. Automate repetitive tasks so your team can focus on what matters most.

Transform data into action

Get insights into the what, why, and when of your data. Use that information to improve resource allocation, reduce inefficiencies and save money.

End-to-end solution for the apparel industry

From planning to production, raw materials to finished goods, Paragon offers a full-suite of tools for apparel retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

A full-featured system built for your unique needs

Inventory Management

Control and track products from purchasing materials to sale. Know how much stock you have available to sell and when to re-order.


Track your production and identify materials using serial numbers. Assign a lot number upon receiving your goods, and stock your shelves.

Omnichannel Sales

Eliminate tedious tasks by updating stock across multiple sales channels.   Integrate with shipping partners and ecommerce marketplaces.

The apparel industry is unique and complex.

Your current system can’t handle multiple products, styles, colors, size scales and materials.

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You’re scrambling to adapt quickly and compete in the ecommerce world.

The transition to ecommerce has caused a major shift in customer expectations and increased supply chain complexities.

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Siloed information and manual data entry are a recipe for disaster.

Disconnected tools and processes make it impossible to know what’s really going on to make smart decisions.

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Customer & Vendor Management

Manage your customer and vendor information to negotiate contracts, track customer order history, gain visibility into outstanding invoices, and more.

Product Management

Keep all of your product information in one place. Create custom BOMs and work orders to track product lifecycle from raw materials to finished goods. 

Order Management

Manage and fulfill your multi-channel wholesale, retail and manufacturing orders from one place. Make handling orders and returns simple.


Unlock insights to your business performance, identify profitable products, know the status of orders and ensure financial compliance.


Calculate inventory costing per product and location, and access live financial reporting into your accounts receivable/payable.


Plan, control, and track every aspect of your manufacturing process from raw materials and labor, to BOMs and work orders.

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The better way to run your business

With over 30 years of experience in the apparel industry, ParagonERP provides all the features and functionality of traditional systems without the hassle of a long implementation and hefty price tag.

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With over 30 years of experience in the apparel industry, ParagonERP provides all the features and functionality of traditional systems without the hassle of a long implementation and hefty price tag.

"We needed one system that controlled all our business needs. Our business is very complex but using Paragon is simple and easy. One of the things I really love about Paragon is the flexibility. We can use simple rules to automate or customize the way the system works."

Daniel, Athletic Knit

"Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, the Paragon staff were with us and supporting us every step of the way. We managed to integrate our financials, our logistics, inventory control, and customer/sales management all into one system."

Gaby, HB Connections

"Very user-friendly and comfortable to use. It is not too complicated... We can create as many attributes as we want which gives us the flexibility to enter as much data as possible...The support team is very professional and helpful."

Omnia, Capital Garment Co

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