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BI reports

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Unlimited warehouses

Shopify enabled

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What functionality does ParagonSMB offer?

Beyond inventory and order functionality, ParagonSMB helps you manage all operations and business data from one central source so you can remove uncertainty, gain visibility, and delight your customers.

Inventory management

Order management

Multiple warehouses


Ecommerce integrations

Unlimited attributes

Know where your inventory is and how much you have of it so you always ship your orders on time.

Connect to your QuickBooks Online, Amazon, and Shopify platforms for a centralized multichannel experience.

Give your business comprehensive flexibility with unlimited attributes and transactions - Paragon grows with your business!

WIGO (What Is Going On?) is Paragon's reporting tool that comes with a variety of templated reports.

Handle your orders, fulfillment, and shipping so you can continue to exceed on your customer's expectations.

Record and keep track of your inventory and costing across multiple virtual or physical warehouses.

All add-ons included

All features included

No limit on transactions

The product and inventory hub that puts you in the driver's seat

Connected directly to Amazon's Seller Central with advanced inventory management, fulfillment, and shipping functionality.

How does ParagonSMB work with Amazon?

No set-up. No hidden fees. No limit on features.

Our full-featured system will take care of your Amazon inventory management, multi-marketplace needs, shipping plans, and much more.


Reduce the stress that comes with managing multiple platforms

ParagonSMB configures Shopify, Amazon, and QuickBooks Online to work together, so you get one product catalog with all of the data points from your various shops and marketplaces.

Forget manual data entry and benefit from one single source of truth.


ParagonSMB includes

2, 5 & 10 user packages

QuickBooks Online enabled

Amazon enabled

Shopify enabled

Unlimited warehouses

Pick and pack workflows

Onboarding and live chat

...and much more!

BI reports

Unlimited fields of information

Shipping & receiving tracking

Uncover which products and orders are actually making you money

Paragon's profitability report takes the guesswork out of your profit/loss analysis. Taking into account your operating fees such as storage, inventory placement, and the FBA fee, Paragon calculates the profit margin of each product and order.

Operate with ease knowing exactly where your products are, and how much is available

ParagonSMB centralizes and gives you visibility of your inventory over multiple locations, making it easy for you to manage your Amazon product catalog across different warehouses.