How does ParagonSMB work with QuickBooks Online?

Your accounting stays where you know it works best

Let Paragon do the heavy lifting

The accounting side of your operations all stay in QuickBooks Online - but you now have a full-featured system to manage your operational side.

No hidden costs. No expensive add-ons.

More power, 

less pain.

No set-up. No hidden fees. No limit on features.

Connected directly to QuickBooks Online with advanced order and inventory management functionality.

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Get started with a 14-day free trial. 

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ParagonSMB includes

2, 5 & 10 user packages

QuickBooks Online enabled

Amazon - coming soon!

Shopify enabled

Unlimited warehouses

Pick and pack workflows

Onboarding and live chat

...and much more!

BI reports

Unlimited fields of information

Shipping & receiving tracking




2, 5 &10 user packages

Sync transactions

Onboarding and live chat

QuickBooks enabled

BI reports

Manage inventory

Unlimited warehouses

Shopify enabled

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What can ParagonSMB do for your business?

Centralizes your data in one place so you can perform all your business operations with quotes, orders, inventory, pick/pack/ship logistics, and more. 

Inventory management

Order management

Multiple warehouses


Ecommerce integrations

Unlimited attributes

As one of the most feature-rich inventory tools you can find, always have the right stock at the right time.

Connect to QuickBooks Online, Amazon, and Shopify marketplaces for a seamless multichannel experience.

Give your business comprehensive flexibility with unlimited attributes and transactions.

WIGO is the next level of BI reporting. Paragon offers this versatile tool for a variety of report options. 

Get set up on all your platforms in no time with multichannel order management.

Record and keep track of your inventory and costing across multiple virtual or physical warehouses.

All integrations included

All features included

No limit on transactions

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Let ParagonSMB manage your operational transactions with the same ease that QuickBooks Online manages your accounting transactions.

ParagonSMB takes the work out of your setup, configuration, and data transfer


When you connect ParagonSMB to your QuickBooks Online company, SMB will automatically begin importing your data.

Seamlessly sync your QuickBooks Online products, customers, and transactions across both systems. With the click of a button, all of your data is already loaded and ready to go.